Help Us Free Peter John Zayas

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Help Us Free Peter John Zayas

This petition urgently requests fair treatment and justice for Peter John Zayas, an innocent who awaits a trial for a crime he never committed. If convicted, Peter will face long years in prison, if not his entire life. As a respected leader of the United States Airforce, Peter John Zayas has yet to get any legal relief from the criminal justice system.
This is why we-- Peter's friends, family and the public-- are appealing to you seeking donations towards his legal defense, at a time when mostly needed.


Peter's honorable service to his country began in 2003 when he became an Airman Basic (AB) at the United States Airforce as an apprentice who was acquiring and demonstrating knowledge of military customs, courtesies, traditions and Air Force standards learning both military and technical skills. In 2010, he was promoted to Staff Sergeant (Ssgt), proudly wearing a chevron of four stripes with a silver star in the center-- an achievement for which he was mostly proud about. Throughout this time, Peter continuously strove to further his development as a professional and as an honorable man.

In April 2012, however, his life abruptly came to a halt when he and his wife Sophia Monique Zayas were arrested for allegedly causing the worst nightmare any parent, can face: the death of their infant daughter by intentionally torturing and punishing her.  As a mother, I can't imagine a worse accusation that can be made to a human being, man or woman.  But yet, despite no evidence towards  them for such horrendous, disturbing allegations, Peter and Sophia remain in federal custody to this day, unable to prove their innocence and with mounting legal debts beyond anyone's imagining.

I know Peter personally. He is an exceptionally loving father, husband and friend. He is patient and kind; does not envy nor boasts about his accomplishments; has never been arrogant or rude to anyone. Peter is known to have always helped others selflessly, whether for the love of his country, family or friends. Everyone who knows Peter immeditaly takes a liking to him for his warm and loving heart.

This innocent man awaits trial for a crime all of us know he never committed.  Due process has yet to be accorded to Peter. Unfortunately, the legal system seems to be tilted to the side of guilt despite constitutional assurances that anyone accused of a crime is innocent until proven otherwise. That's why we are desperate and that's why we come to you for support. Every day that passes is another day that is having devastating personal consequences on him, those who love him and those who see him in constant, on-going despair. 

Please, if you find compassion in your heart try to help us rescue this man from a penalty he does not deserve. He has no malice in his heart and only seeks to love and serve others.

This is why we are appealing to you directly to assist us with any amount of donation you can help us with; to free an innocent man. Thank you so much.